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SOS – Save our schools!

The SOS campaign is a joint campaign between Anakbayan-USA and Kabataan Alliance to support the Save our schools Network and our fellow Lumad youth in the Philippines

The Lumad, indigenous people of Mindanao, face neglect from the Government and are left with no access to social services such as healthcare and education.

Due to the Lumad having a lack of basic education further intensified their exploitation to big landlords, corporations, and corrupt officials who sought to profit off the land of the Lumad and exploited their lack of knowledge of how to write and their basic rights.

The schools have not just educated Lumad youth, but all Lumad where schools were located to read, to write, to count, to farm, and also about their rights.

Under the Duterte administration children’s rights violations worsened, with military attacks and closure of indigenous schools becoming out of control and interrupting the education of future generations. This must not be tolerated!

Education is a basic human right, however over recent years there has been an alarming increase in the number of reports of schools being militarized, being used as barracks and detachments in the course of the Duterte government counterinsurgency campaign.

Due to this continued repression let us continue to rise and defend the Lumad and their advocacies which only seek to empower their communities. As Filipino youth and students in the U.S. let’s raise our voices, and get our communities to get educated, united, and act with the Lumad and all indigenous for their just right to livelihood, social services, land, cultural respect, and just liberation.

You can find out more about the campaign and endorse it through this link!

Pass the Philippine Human Rights Act!

The Philippine Human Rights Act (PHRA) is a piece of U.S. legislation that aims to suspend U.S. military and police aid to the Philippines until such time that human rights violations perpetrated by the Philippine state forces end, and responsible state forces are held accountable.

You can find out more about the campaign @ humanrightsph.org
Endorse it through this link!

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