AnakBayan Silicon Valley LAUNCH!!!

NOVEMBER 30, 2011


As Anakbayan Silicon Valley formally launches as an official chapter of the comprehensive youth organization rooted in the Philippine youth movement. Today not only marks a day to celebrate our chapter’s formation but the many other Anakbayan chapters in the Philippines, Canada and US. Today we also remember as the birthdate of Andres Bonifacio, a youth, a leader, a revolutionary and the 13th anniversary of the founding of Anakbayan.

As the 6th Anakbayan chapter to have been established in the US, the kabataan of ABSV see the need to advance the people’s movement that has been ongoing in our motherland, to bridge the gap of our stories of migrant youth and 2nd,3rd,4th generation Pin@y and to further arouse, organize and mobilize the kabataan of Silicon Valley.

With Andres Bonifacio’s stories infusing our current experience with the past, ABSV takes the spirit of Andres Bonifacio and in turn making our own mark in ourstory. We are the Andres Bonifacio of today! Revolution, movement, resistance runs through our unwritten text books, it runs through our minds and through our hearts. Anakbayan Silicon Valley will uphold and advance the movement that sparked in 1896 by engaging in a movement of our own. Remembering what has come before us to better serve the youth and people of today.

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