Save Filipino Advocates for Justice!

If you are not already aware, due to Filipino Advocate for Justice (FAJ) not getting recommended for funding our facility and our programs are in danger of ENDING and CLOSING DOWN!

Our PYC meeting tomorrow will be dedicated to collaborating and thinking about how we can all work together and prevent this closure from happening. We will also be providing the information as to why we might be closing with more depth.

WE have all learned from PYC at one point or another, and it would be bad to see something that’s part of the community for so long be shut down!
It’s time NOW to let our voices be heard and let them know we aren’t going down without a fight! We DEMAND that this space and program be open for us and future generation!

Come through tomorrow to learn how you can work with PYC and FAJ to fight for our space and our programs. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! So please invite everyone who’s been impacted by PYC, FAJ, and all our other programs!

*** UPDATE! 3/7/12

Two new important dates have been added to our Immediate action plan to try and gain funding for Filipino Advocate for Justice:

MARCH 12TH we will be meeting at the PYC office to help decide what our speakers should say on Tuesday at the City Counsel meeting

MARCH 13TH the Union City counsel meeting to show how high the support for PYC is and to convince them to decide to fund us

Come check out the Facebook Event page –

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