Final Push for CA AB 889: Domestic Worker Bill of Rights

NAFCON-NorCal (National Alliance for Filipino Concerns-Northern California) to help push for the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights or AB 889.

What is AB 889?
This bill “will end generations of exclusions from basic labor protections. It will include housekeepers, childcare providers & caregivers and provide these workers with: (1) overtime pay, (2) meal & rest breaks, and (3) adequate sleeping conditions for live-in workers.”

It recently passed the State legislative bodies. What now?
After the approval of both the State Senate and the State Assembly, the bill only needs to be signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. For the bill to turn into a state law, he has until the end of the month (11 days!) to sign it. We need to show him that this bill is supported by our community and that we want it NOW!

How can we pressure the Governor?
Call him! I did it today, it’s very simple!

1. Call (916) 445-2841.
2. Press 1 for English.
3. Press 6 to talk to a representative.

The rep will ask for your message for the governor. I simply said, “I want the governor to support CA DWBR by signing the bill.” I then gave my name and zipcode to him.
NOTE: Be patient. You might not be to talk to a rep on your first call. Wait for half an hour then call again. I made my victorious call around 2PM.

4. Fill up this form ( to let the National Domestic Workers Alliance that you made the call.
5. Reply to this thread that you’re able to successfully make the call! In doing so, you encourage other members to call the governor!

The next few days are crucial to the passing of the bill, so please call away!

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