11/2 Bayan ED Recap – Politics in the Philippines

presented by Bobby Tuazon of CenPEG (Center for People Empowerment in Governance-Philippines)
With the upcoming elections happening in the United States, people are engaging in political debate, propositions and which candidate to vote for. These are times when we must look beyond the rhetoric and into the truths behind the masks of politicians and invest more time in understanding what we can do as people fighting for genuine rights of the people for housing, education, healthcare, jobs and so on. This is not much different from the Philippines and with many overseas voters, as well as the numerous families we still have in the Philippines, we can make an impact.

May 2012 marks the mid-term elections in the Philippines, with positions up for election in the Senate, lower house Congress, provincial, city, and local governments. The Center for People Empowerment in Governance will discuss the political system and the dynasties that run it. We will call into question, what does Democracy in the Philippines look like if corruption is rampant? Where and how can we make a stand as Filipinos in the Philippines and all around the globe?

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