babaesf gabriela-usa
babaesf gabriela-usa


This IWD celebration will also be the launch of AB 241 California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in Northern California.

Women Unite! Stand Up and Fight!
Pass AB 241 CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights!
We Support Your Families, Help Us Support Ours!
Rise against Violence Against Women!

The International Conference of Working Women over 100 years ago gave birth to what is now popularly known as International Women’s Day. The origin of this day was to highlight the resistance and organizing power of working women to gain the right to fair wages and working hours, the right to vote and an end to discrimination. Today, we continue to raise awareness on the issue of economic violence as a systematic form of violence against women perpetuated by US Imperialism and global capitalism. We must engage in direct action by joining the struggle for more jobs, demanding higher wages, addressing cuts to social services, and increasing access to health care!

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