Happy Holidays from ABSV!

Anakbayan Silicon Valley wishes you and your family Happy Holidays! See you in 2013 as we continue to arouse, organize, and mobilize Filipino youth! And in the spirit of the holiday season, we are asking for donations for relief efforts for Typhoon Pablo which hit the Philippines early December and has affected over 5 millionContinue reading “Happy Holidays from ABSV!”

Highlights from “Sulong Kabataan” Open Mic 1-year Celebration

November 30, 2012 — FYC, Welch Park, San Jose, CA. We had over 50+ attendees and more than 10 open mic performers attend our 1-year anniversary to celebrate the achievements of Anakbayan and the birthday of the revolutionary youth Andres Bonifacio. At the end of the night, we were feeling pumped for this upcoming year,Continue reading “Highlights from “Sulong Kabataan” Open Mic 1-year Celebration”

We are Workers, We are Not Slaves!

If you missed Adrian’s reportback last Wednesday, here’s the link to the recording! http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/27011913 — Check out this article written by our Education Officer, Adrian Bonifacio, on his experiences with migrant domestic workers and and community organizers in Hong Kong this past summer. If you’d like to find out more, he will be reporting backContinue reading “We are Workers, We are Not Slaves!”

10/5 Anakbayan Silicon Valley General Assembly

November General Assembly Location: Stanford University Assessment of the last period. Recommendations for the next period. Planning for Anakbayan Silicon Valley First Birthday Celebration. Wohoooo!!! Theme: Youth, Advance Our Struggles and Build International Solidarity! November 30, 2012 Very exciting and looking forward to seeing it come together. Educational Discussion and presentation of RA10175 Cybercrime PreventionContinue reading “10/5 Anakbayan Silicon Valley General Assembly”