JUSTICE for Grand Isle Shipyard Filipino Workers

http://j4gisfilipinoworkers.wordpress.com/ CAMPAIGN Fighting back: Join the Campaign! After suffering discriminatory treatment (compared to their U.S. citizen co-workers) and other forms of abuse and exploitation, more than 100 Filipino GIS workers have joined a class action lawsuit against their recruiters and employers. Despite bribery and threats of deportation and harm to their families in the Philippines,Continue reading “JUSTICE for Grand Isle Shipyard Filipino Workers”

Filipinos Protest Against NATO In Chicago: US Troops Out of the Philippines!

  ¬† CHICAGO, IL– Over 230 Filipinos from across the US and the Philippines joined over 15,000 more last Sunday in downtown Chicago to march in protest against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summit taking place just blocks away in McCormick Place. It was the largest outdoor anti-war demonstration in the US in years.Continue reading “Filipinos Protest Against NATO In Chicago: US Troops Out of the Philippines!”