Send Your Support for AB 123!

California’s Assembly Bill 123 requires schools to include  Filipinos’ contribution to the Farm Worker movement. Currently, the bill is in the appropriations committee in the assembly. It will be voted on by the committee by May 23 or 24 before it goes to the rest of the assembly, and then to the Senate and the governor. For more information on the bill process, see this diagram from the state website:

More info on the bill: AB 123 Bill Info

What can we do? There are 3 simple things that we can do now, as individuals and organizations, to make sure this important piece of legislation passes.

1. Send letters of support to the Assembly Appropriations Committee by May 15. Please send a copy of the letter to so that the AB 123 NorCal Coalition can keep track.

By Mail (must be postmarked by May 11) to:
The Honorable Mike Gatto
Chair, Assembly Appropriations Committee
State Capitol, Room 2114, Sacramento, CA 95814

By Fax to: 
Assembly member Rob Bonta, ATTN: An-Chi Tsou. Fax: (916)319-2118

By Email to:
An-Chi Tsou:

Sample Letter (be sure to include letterheads for organizations): ab123_support_letter.docx

2. Educate and spread the word.

Learn more about the Filipino farm workers, AB 123, and the conditions of Filipinos today. Then share it with friends, family, and everyone else. Print out flyers, leaflets, and support letters. Start conversations and discussions. Hashtag #ab123. Make announcements. Be loud and be heard. Just get others to support! You can use the following materials to help you outreach:

“Delano Manongs” trailer –

Article 1 –

Larry Itliong – Larry Itliong Presentation.pptx
Philip Vera Cruz – Philip Vera Cruz.pptx

veracruz_flyer manongs_flyer itliong_flyer

Informational Sheets
Bonta Fact Sheet

Check back for the latest updates. If you have any suggestions, please contact

3. Join the AB 123 NorCal Coalition.

Join one of the committees of the AB 123 NorCal Coalition – coordinating committee, prop/education, and outreach/mobilization. For more info, contact us at And be sure to attend our next meeting:


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