Beyond Tech, Beyond Corporations: Filipinos Fighting Fascism!

Beyond Tech, Beyond Corporations: Filipinos Fighting Fascism!

February 9, 2017

Reference: Justher Gutierrez, Chairperson


The spirit of resistance is alive and well in San Jose, California, as thousands of community members have taken to the streets in recent weeks to voice their concerns over the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. Anakbayan Silicon Valley, a progressive organization of Filipino youth, have been leaders on the ground for three mobilizations, all taking place in downtown San Jose.


38% of San Jose’s population are immigrants, and as migrants and children of migrants we are fiercely proud of the ways in which the South Bay has shown up for the immigrant community. Our strong presence is made possible through the support of other community organizations, such as PAWIS, SIREN, Somos Mayfair, International Migrants Alliance, Disaster Support Network for the Philippines, LEAD Filipino, and many others. We wield immense power when we organize on the ground. It is the people on the ground who move society forward–not the capitalists on top.


Anakbayan Silicon Valley recognizes that the 1% continues to spearhead imperialist policies, free trade agreements, and militarization of communities that forces Filipinos and others to migrate to the United States. Whether it is a ban or a wall, led by executive orders or through the legislature, we will be fighting not only this fascist administration, but all those who benefit from the misery, exploitation, and oppression of immigrants from the Philippines and other countries.


Anakbayan Silicon Valley stands firmly against the Trump administration’s travel ban and immigration policies. We continue to fight for true liberation of the Filipino people and all peoples, and will oppose all policies and measures that exploit and harm immigrants and workers. Anakbayan Silicon Valley calls for the amplification of everyday voices engaged in the struggle, not simply the voices of the wealthy or famous.


#FilipinosAgainstTrump #HereToStay #ProgressiveWomenOfColor


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